SOAR Training: Soo Ki (수기) & Jok Ki (족기) Basics

Last week was not what I expected it to be regarding the rain and its interruption to the normal routine. We were supposed to work on hand techniques and their associated one-steps last week and kicking techniques this week. My plan is to actually work both (hands and feet) this week.

Stances: 자세 (Jah Se)

Our three basic action stances are Front Stance, Horseriding Stance, and Fighting Stance. From these stances, we can perform all of our hand and foot techniques.

Hand Techniques: 수기 (Soo Ki)

For hands, we will work on Low Block, High Block, Outside-In Block, Inside-out Block, and Center Punch. Most hand techniques have a twisting motion in them from the loaded position to the striking point. When you combine the twisting motion with hip rotation in your stance, you can generate great power.

One-Steps: 1) One Elbow, 2) Two Elbows, 3) Chop the Tree

Foot Techniques: 족기 (Jok Ki)

For Kicking, we will work on Front Kick, Side Kick, Roundhouse Kick, and Back Kick. These are the 4 basic kicks, and 90% of the advanced kicking techniques we perform are based on these four kicks. They can be performed from any of our stances.

One-Steps: 1) The FRONT, 2) SIDE of the King, 3) is ROUND

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