Soar Training: Soo Ki (수 기)

This week, we focus on hand techniques with an emphasis on loads and the pulling hand.

When you load your strikes or blocks, be sure you are fully loading everything. Don’t take short cuts in training. It will get faster with proper practice. For your blocks (defense techniques), remember they should twist into place. Pay attention to the orientation of your hands and wrists at the completion of the technique. You can then rotate or twist your wrist/arm back to the loaded position. Most of the time, your arms are performing some type of rotation. 

Regarding the pulling hand, the hand that is moving to a ready position, ask what your are supposed to be doing with that arm. Is it protecting an area? Is it defending an attack from another angel? Are you grabbing and pulling an opponent’s appendage or clothing close to your body? Is it preparing to follow-up with another technique (strike, block, or defense)? 

As you practice your strikes, begin with those from your Hyungs (forms), then move to combinations from your One-Steps, and finally practice those your like. Combine your hand techniques with kicks as well. Have fun with it!

Belt Striping for the next Belt Test Begins April 25.

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