9th Gup – White Belt

Belt Meaning

Beginner’s belt color. White represents a primitive stage of achievement; thus, the seed as it lies dormant beneath the snows of winter.


Five Codes of Tang Soo Do: 
– Loyalty to Country
– Obedience to Parents
– Honor Friendship
– No Retreat in Battle
– In Fighting Choose with Sense and Honor

Seven Tenants of Tang Soo Do:
– Integrity
– Concentration
– Perseverance
– Respect and Obedience
– Self-Control
– Humility
– Indomitable Spirit


Sae Kye Hyung Il Bu

Ho Sin Sul

Responsible for Ho Sin Sul 1 & 2


No weapons requirement at this level.


Make a Fist
Learn to Stretch
Proper loads for all kicks.

Soo Ki Dae Ryun

Responsible for Soo Ki 1 & 2

Jok Ki Dae Ryun

Responsible fo Jok Ki 1 & 2

Sparing Drills

You goal is to get familiar and comfortable with the length of your arms and legs. Begin to notice where you place your weight and how to shift your weight to move where you want to go. No contact is allowed for sparring at this level.