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“When examining your abilities as an instructor, examine you students’ manners, attitudes, school reports, and health conditions.
Their improvements should mirror your own.”

~ Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin

Andrew Calvert, Sam Dan

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Chief Instructor
Sam Dan, 3rd Degree (Dan # 46185)
• Board Certified Instructor
• Board Certified Regional Judge

Mr. Calvert began his martial arts training in Waco, TX in 1992. He earned his first black belt in Taekwon-Do (ITF) while attending college at Angelo State University in San Angelo, TX. He then trained in a variety of cities after graduating college. When he joined the US Army in 2009, Mr. Calvert qualified Level 2 in the Modern Army Combatives Program. However, it’s in the World Tang Soo Do Association that Mr. Calvert has found his martial arts home. In 2014, living in Sierra Vista, AZ, Mr. Calvert earned his First Dan Black Belt with WTSDA (Region 2). He earned his Second Dan while under military assignment in Germany (Region 11), in 2016.  Finally, he earned his Third Dan in 2019 while assigned to Fort Hood, TX (Region 4). Mr. Calvert is currently instructing at Schofield Barracks, HI (Region 1).

Rebecca Hoy, E Dan

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E Dan, 2nd Degree (Dan # 034067)

Mrs. Hoy began her Martial Arts training under Master Thomas Richards at Pocono Tang Soo Do in Tannersville, PA (Region 8).  She received her First Degree (Cho Dan) Blackbelt in 2002 and was promoted to Second Degree (E Dan) in 2004.  Mrs. Hoy has participated in World & Regional competitions and was awarded two bronze medals (Hyungs & Sparring) at the 2002 WTSDA World Championship.  Throughout her family’s many military-related moves, Mrs. Hoy has founded two separate beginner-level classes focused on instilling a passion for traditional martial arts training in pre-K and elementary aged students.

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