The ultimate goal of Tang Soo Do is nature! Tang Soo Do strives to truly understand, appreciate, and apply the laws of nature in a practical manner living in harmony. The ultimate goal of the Tang Soo Do practitioner is mastery.

Soar Tang Soo Do is here to help you along the path to mastery with an ever growing set of resources.

Tang Soo Do is a holistic martial art developing your body, mind, and spirit. This resource has everything you need to be a successful student at Soar Tang Soo Do where 
Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude – SOAR! 

Your Student
Gup Manuel

Your Official Championship & Tournament Rules Handbook

Your One-Step Cheat Sheet

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Download a brief explanation of our Normal Expectations & Practices

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USAG Army Hawaii Chapel Program

The World
Tang Soo Do

a world-wide family that is ready to partner with you on your martial arts journey.

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