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Meditation: Attitude 2

Serious Approach Each of the attitude requirements are codependent with the rest. This immediately becomes apparent when you move from the first to the second attitude. The first attitude explains why, but the second begins to explain how. In developing the mental and physical… Continue Reading “Meditation: Attitude 2”

Meditation: Attitude 1

Purpose of training should be enhancement of mental and physical betterment.   The attitude requirements of Tang Soo Do are designed for mastery of the art. The first attitude requirement of Tang Soo Do deals with the purpose of training. Why do we train… Continue Reading “Meditation: Attitude 1”


Remember last week’s meditation? I talked about battle. What is the difference between “battle” and “fighting”? A Battle is a confrontation you did not agree to; it’s non-consensual, or something you would prefer not to engage. A “fight” is a consensual conflict like sparring… Continue Reading “MEDITATION: IN FIGHTING CHOOSE WITH SENSE AND HONOR”

Meditation: No Retreat in Battle

While the immediate meaning is likely clear, the word “battle” is  significantly more. Primarily, “battle” refers to self-defense or non-consensual conflict. This may be a verbal or a physical altercation. Either way, we are to train in such a way that we do not… Continue Reading “Meditation: No Retreat in Battle”

Meditation: Honor Friendship

Honor Friendship – The third code of Tang Soo Do. Like many things, the notion of friendship differs from country to country. In many Middle Eastern countries, people consider themselves “friends” the minute they meet, in some European countries, continuous contact is required in… Continue Reading “Meditation: Honor Friendship”