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Weekly Training, Hyung

I have repeatedly emphasized the importance of your forms (hyung) in the practice of Tang Soo Do. Many of you are restricted from traveling and training in a dojang due to COVID-19, so I encourage to try a new way of practicing your hyung.… Continue Reading “Weekly Training, Hyung”

Weekly Training, Kicking

I am beginning to take a little different approach to our posting at I hope to make these a bit shorter and keep the post to a single topic. Thus today’s is training or workout. Jok Ki (Kicking Techniques) are the bread and… Continue Reading “Weekly Training, Kicking”

Getting it Cleaned

We received a tent to run our WTSDA Club out of, so SOAR Tang Soo Do has taken flight. Below are a few pictures of todays progress. Thank you to SGT Watson, SPC Hill, PFC Robinson and PFC Fisher for your amazing help. Remember, first… Continue Reading “Getting it Cleaned”