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Soar Training: Hyung

A new testing cycle begins again; we are 14 weeks from our next test on Sep. 9. As is our tradition, we will lay the foundation of this testing cycle with forms-week. Forms (형) are the basis of our martial art. That does not… Continue Reading “Soar Training: Hyung”

Soar Training: Drill, Review, and Test Prep

The Summer Belt Test is this week on Saturday, June 3. The test will be at 10:00 am. So, we will be reviewing everything for the test to include sparring. If you have sparring gear, please bring it. 4 Tips to prepare for your… Continue Reading “Soar Training: Drill, Review, and Test Prep”

Written Test and Review

This week is an important one. Most importantly, testing candidates will take their written text on Wednesday. You will be taking the written exam portion during class. Each test requires a written test which prepares students for their blackbelt written exam. Beyond the written… Continue Reading “Written Test and Review”

Soar Challenge: 100 BURPEES 🤨

This week will be a bit harder for some. I want to challenge your endurance and stamina while building the explosive power needed for your hyungs. This week’s Soar challenge is 100 burpees. Try to jump as high as you can, and for an… Continue Reading “Soar Challenge: 100 BURPEES 🤨”


It’s time to begin another week. With this week, I want you to focus on your hand techniques. Do not be surprised if we move on to kicking one steps and ho sin sul. When you load your strikes or blocks, be sure you… Continue Reading “SOAR TRAINING: SOO KI (HANDS)”