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Hyung Training

This week, work on your Hyungs. Spend some time drilling them, then think through the applications of various parts of the hyung. Attempt the above flow drill for Pyunag Ahn Sah Dan, or try one of your own. If you come up wit one you are particularly proud of, share it in the comments below. The Hyung is the text book of the art. Get to studying!

Jok Ki–Foot Technique Training

Jok Ki (Kicking Techniques) are the bread and butter of Korean Martial Arts. In the world of karate, Tang Soo Do’s differences are most apparent in kicking – dynamic, high, and arial. A flying side klick is on our association flag and seal! This…

Soo Ki Training

It’s time to begin another week. With this week, I want you to focus on your hand techniques – especially your loads and your pulling hand, so check our the workout guide. When you load you strikes or blocks, be sure you are fully…

Hyung Training

A new week and a new focus. It’s time to practice those Hyungs again. Hyung is perfect for solo practice, and it’s from the hyung that we derive the rest of our art.

Training, Jok Ki

It’s kicking week! Kicking techniques are the distinctive trait of Korean martial arts. So I have a few leg exercises I want you to do this week to improve your kicking, strength, and speed.