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It’s time to begin another week. With this week, I want you to focus on your hand techniques. When you load your strikes or blocks, be sure you are fully loading everything. Don’t take shortcuts in training; it will get faster with proper practice.… Continue Reading “SOAR TRAINING: SOO KI (HANDS)”

SOAR Training: Hyung (형)

As a traditional martial art, Tang Soo Do is a forms-based art. This is true with many traditional martial arts systems. Tang Soo Do, which is Korean in style and culture, draws heavily from Okinawa and China as well as precursor arts from Korea.… Continue Reading “SOAR Training: Hyung (형)”


Ho Sin Sul (Self Defense) is the topic of the week. This is always a fun week of concentration. Up front, I am telling you to be careful, deliberate, and slow. You can really hurt someone while manipulating joints and performing throws. While remaining mindful… Continue Reading “SOAR TRAINING: HO SIN SUL”

Soar Challenge: Three Directional Kick

The challenge this week is 100 triple kicks. I challenge you to perform a three-directional consecutive kicking combo: Front Kick, Side Kick, and Back Kick. Perform this consecutive combo with the same leg without placing your leg back on the ground to restabilize. Move… Continue Reading “Soar Challenge: Three Directional Kick”

Soar Challenge: 100 Squat Side Kicks

The challenge this week is 100 Squats with Side Kicks (Yup Cha Ki). You may space out the kicks any way you wish, but the challenge is to complete 100 squats and kicks on each leg. Perform these from a squat similar to a… Continue Reading “Soar Challenge: 100 Squat Side Kicks”