Grafenwoehr Tang Soo Do Class

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am proud to inform you that Soar Tang Soo Do will begin training and hosting classes once again on 12 Jan at the Tower Barracks Physical Fitness Center. Classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday Evenings from 18:30-20:00. Class are open to all Gups (belt colors) and Dans (Black Belts). This will be conducted as a traditional Tang Soo Do class as prescribed by the World Tang Soo Do Association. Training will be held in the Comabtives Room. The Combatives Room is located on the lower floor at the opposite end from the gym floor.

If you have been a prior student of Tang Soo Do in Grafenwoehr, please join me at the gym for the 9 Jan Fitness Day from 08:00-12:00. I will be hosting a Booth there for information about the new class. Please see/download/share this Advertisement Poster. Let build a great class.

You Attitude Determines Your Altitude – SOAR! Tang Soo!

Soar Advertisement Poster

2 Comments on “Grafenwoehr Tang Soo Do Class

  1. I’m in!… JUST GET ME TO YOU! You need a supply guy right?


    • I’m not sure yet, but our CSM is pretty cool – CSM Todd Shirley, @
      I would love you have you in class and here. Germany is beautiful!

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