Training Schedule and Minors

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I need to address two topics with you: 1) Our Training Schedule for the next couple of weeks, 2) allowing minors to participate.

1) We will train this event (19 Jan), but we will be canceled for 21 & 26 Jan due to a field exercise. After tonight, I look forward to training with you again on 28 Jan and 2 Feb. I will be TDY from 4-12 Feb. We should be good for consistent training for several weeks after that.

2) The JAG office and MWR Director are still in conversation with each other concerning the allowance of Minors to train at the Tower Barracks Physical Fitness Center. As I posted last time, there is no issue with hosting the class since I have moved it under the Chaplain “Umbrella” as a Family Resiliency & Spiritual Fitness Program. The hang up is with using the MWR facility as an exception to policy. The MWR facility (still owned by the Garrison) is the only safe place to conduct our training. I ask for your prayers as this matter continues to be ironed out, and if you choose, please submit your opinion and endorsement to the Garrison Office and MWR to allow this great opportunity for our community families.

With that said, I do not expect minors will be able to train until 16 Feb. Let’s make sure we have all our ducks in a row in order to keep everyone safe. Thank you.

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