TSD Training for 1,3 Mar 16

0Hey Folks,

I am looking forward to a great week of training with you all. Our focus this week will be Soo Ki (Hand Techniques). I strong encourage each of you to go and download you appropriate study materials (look for your belt color). The written tests are your individual responsibility. We will not have time in classes to cover written test knowledge. If you have specific questions, please ask me in or out of class, and I would be happy to answer them.

Hot News: The WTSDA Gup Manual has now been made available as a Free Digital Download. I have linked the file on the White Belt’s Study Material block. There is essential information in the Gup Manual for your written tests and in learning the culture of the World Tang Soo Do Association.

TSD Workout-1, 3 Mar 16 Soo Ki

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude – SOAR!
Tang Soo!

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