15, 17 Mar – Soar TSD Workout

tangsoodo3This Week’s Training

This week’s focus will be on Ho Sin Sul – Self-defense one-steps – and on Concentration. Be prepared to spend some time in practicing forms. Everything we will be covering this week has been covered before. Please review and practice according to this week’s workout notes.
15,17 Mar 16 Ho Sin Sul

Concentration (Chung Shin Tong Il): the ability to focus mental effort
When is concentration necessary? Concentration is necessary in learning and improving skills. It takes work to learn the basic actions and concentration to practice them until they are perfected. Concentration is evidenced in the forms through eye-focus, intent, balance and clean execution of techniques. How else is concentration used?

In the Christian faith, Hebrews 2:1 says, “Therefore we must pay much closer attention to what we have heard, lest we drift away from it.” The writer is referring to sound doctrine taught to young/new christians. These poignant truths must be reviewed, or the young christian may become influenced by the teachings of society and culture drifting away from the centerline of truth. This principle is also appropriate in Tang Soo Do. We must review, pay close attention, concentrate on the basics of the Tang Soo Do Art. Failure to do so can cause great injury and the inability to progress to more difficult techniques and forms.

Belt Test, 28 May (Saturday)

Question for you all: I propose 28 May for the belt test, but 21 May is a possible date as well. I cannot plan for June at this time because of a pending field exercise. Please give me your opinions. Thank you.

We will host our first Belt Test for Soar Tang Soo Do. Here is the schedule. Everyone will need to make as many classes as possible between now and then; you will need a minimum of 20 classes this time around. Normally, it’s 24 classes for all but Red Belts (36) and Blue Belts (60). The cost for testing will be $35 dollars if you do not have a WTSDA membership. If you already have a WTSDA membership the testing fee is $25. This will cover the administrative fees with the WTSDA and certify your curriculum achievement. To test you will also need to have a uniform. Basic uniform and patch set is $36. See here. If you would like to have the school logo on the back of your uniform, you may order the iron-on patch for $24 using the same order form. I would also like to have a pot-luck reception after the test to get to know everyone and their families a bit better. Please let me know what items you would be willing to bring. See page 2 of the Testing Schedule for details.

Please bring your Gup test form in and filled out on the day of the test.
WTSDA Gup Test Form

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