Training for 26 Apr

Hey folks, this week we will only have class on Tuesday, 26 Apr. I have a short TDY to Baumholder this week. Our belt test will be Tuesday, 17 May, during our normal class time. I needed to move up the test as I will be participating in Anakonda16 in Poland next month. 

The cost for testing will be $35 dollars if you do not have a WTSDA membership. If you already have a WTSDA membership the testing fee is $25. This will cover the administrative fees with the WTSDA and certify your achievement in the curriculum. To test you will also need to have a uniform. Basic uniform and patch set is $36. See the order form here.  If you would like to have the school logo on the back of your uniform, you may order the iron-on patch for $24 using the same order form. Payment is due next week; I can send you a PayPal request or I can take cash/check made out to me. 

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