Preparing for the Belt Test this Week

wtsda-belt-orderSOAR Tang Soo Do Warriors,

Our focus this week will be review of all techniques in preparation for the belt test this Saturday, 5 November at 1430. On that Tuesday during class, students testing for their next belt will take the written test.

WTSDA Members: $25 – – Non-WTSDA Members: $40 (This is a one-time fee increase for WTSDA Membership so that I can register your new rank with the association.)

black-belt-books-223x300Students Testing: If I have missed you, please call/contact me.
– Paris Edlefsen (testing for 9th Gup)
Stephanie Gannon (testing for 8th Gup)
Emma Jones (testing for 6th Gup)
– Alaysia Mackerchar (testing for 9th Gup)
Kirill Yemelyantsev (testing for 8th Gup)

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