Soo Ki Training

petter36.jpgWe will be focusing on Soo Ki Techniques (Hand Techniques) for the next two weeks. But our training schedule will be altered this and next week. We will not have class on 3 Jan (Tues) or 12 Jan (Thurs). We will have class on 5 Jan (Thurs) and 10 Jan (Tues).

I have scheduled the next Belt Test for 9 Feb at 18:30 in the Tower Barracks Gym. The requisite written test will be administered previous week during class on 2 February. If this is your first test, the cost is $45. If this is not you first test, the cost is $25. Fees are due on 2 February when the written test is administered.

Deutsche Tang Soo Do Vereinigung is hosting a Forms and Weapons Training Course in Munich on 11 February (Saturday). Please let me know if you are interested in attending.

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