Training Focus (훈련 초점, hulryon chojjom) – June 6 & 8

motm0615eHello Everyone! (안녕하세요 여러분, annyonghaseyo yorobun)

Our training for the next three weeks will focus directly on the German Schools tournament coming up on 24 June in Munich. Therefore we will split our time between our open hand forms (Pyung Ahn E DanSip Soo, and Jin Do), our weapons forms (Bong Hyung Il BuBong Hyung E Bu, and Dan Gum Hyung), and tournament sparring practice (bring your gear) leaving time at the end of class for Mr. Hovan to train some aspects of Nihon Goshin Aikido.

WTSDA HYUNG COMPETITION PROTOCOL study sheet. Thank you, Ms. Shin for your assistance with the transliteration. 대단히 감사합니다.

A Brief History of the Bo Staff

The Bo staff (or Bong) on the surface is one of the most simplistic of all weapons. Used in many different art forms from karate to jujitsu to kung-fu, the Bo staff is one of the most destructive and adaptive weapons available to the martial artist. The Bo Staff offers a range of opportunities for disciplined forms, footwork, distancing, and control.

staff-fighting-3-bw-webUnlike many other martial weapons, the bo staff has a very long range and enables the practitioner to have superior reach against an opponent. Most Bo staffs are about 1.8m (or 6 feet) long and 3cm (or 1 inch) thick. The concept of a wooden stave as a weapon can be found easily in most cultures – the Quarter Staff in medieval English for example.

While staffs have a history of being used throughout mankind, the Asian martial arts have taken this weapon and turned it into an art form.While the weapon has been used informally since the earliest recorded history, a martial art called kobudo emerged from Okinawa in the early 1600s that featured this weapon. Arising out of necessity, commoners of Okinawa were banned from having weapons. This ban forced the people to find other ways to defend themselves, and using a simple staff proved to be an easy application.

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