Tournament Training (20-24 June)


This week’s training leads to our club’s participation in the German TSD Federation’s Summer Tournament. Below is the schedule of events. Pay special note to the highlighted lines. Our classes this week will focus directly on tournament protocol and and sparring practice, so bring your sparring gear and bo staffs to class.

After the tournament, I will be on leave through 4 July, so Mr. Hovan will have the lead on classes next week (27 & 29 June). We will not have class on 4 July.

Sporthalle SV Esting (Schloßstraße 21, 82140 Olching, Germany)


08:30 AM Admittance, Arrival of participants
09:15 AM Judges-Meeting
09:45 AM Official Opening: Welcome, Honours
10:15 AM Closing of Championship Lists Updates
10:25 AM Any Demonstration
10:30 AM Creativity
10:45 AM Weapons, Forms, Sparring – Black-Belts
12:30 PM Lunch Break – Consecutively Judges-Snack
01:30 PM Weapons, Forms, Sparring – Color-Belts
04:30 PM Breaking Ability – Black-Belts
05:30 PM Determination of the Champions
06:00 PM Official closing of the event
07:00 PM Championship Dinner (please register via ReMa)
09:30 PM Farewell / Journey back Home

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