Training Focus 19 Nov – Forms

We continue our focus on Hyungs this week, since we are only meeting on Monday this week due to the Thanksgiving celebration. It’s in the hyungs that Concentration (Chung Shin Tong Il, our 2nd tenet) finds its most obvious depiction. It takes immense concentration and perseverance to develop the foundation that hyungs teach us: our balance points, our length & reach, the moving of our center of gravity. Everything we learn in Tang Soo Do is extrapolated from the hyungs/forms.

Meditation for the Week

Self-Control – “A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. (Proverbs 25:28)

Gichin Funakoshi repeatedly pointed out that the first purpose in pursuing this art is the nurturing of a sublime spirit, a spirit of humility. Even the older practitioners placed stronger emphasis on the spiritual side of the art than on the techniques. It is said that in the training of body and spirit, and above all else, one should treat his opponent courteously and with the proper etiquette. It is not enough to fight with all one’s power; the real objective in Karate-Do is to do so for the sake of justice. The quality necessary to accomplish this is self-control. Funakoshi stated that: “To become a victor, one must first overcome his own self”.

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