Soar Training: Test preparation

We are three weeks from the belt test. Everyone who I believe should be testing, has received an email from me. If you have not received an email and believe you should be testing, please contact me.

We will be working specifically on the requirements of the test this week for all ranks. If you have not seen you requirements, follow this link (belt requirements) and select the belt you are testing for and look for your study guide.

Be prepared to practice all your basic techniques, hyungs, one-steps, combinations, and a bit of sparring. Your knowledge for your written test is your responsibility. The written test is given one week prior to the physical test.

Here are some key dates and information. All World Tang Soo Do Associations belt examinations are formal events. All testers are required to where a WTSDA uniform. Parents and family are welcome to take pictures, but please remain quiet and do not distract the testing students.
1 Dec: Written Test during class
8 Dec: Physical Test (this class will run a little later than usual)

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