Soar 100 Challenge

This is week-one! Happy New Year! It’s time to get back into it! There are 12 weeks until the next belt test, and you must complete at least 8 Soar 100 Challenges to test. Here is your first challenge.

One Hundred Side Kicks–
On each leg.

You may do them slow;
You may do them fast;
You may do them on the front leg;
You may do them on the back leg.

You must do 100 on both;
You can do them with power;
You can do them with precision;
But you will do 100 Sidekicks for your Soar 100 challenge

Sidekick can be performed from the rear leg or the front leg. Draw the kicking leg to your chest keeping your heel and knee on the same line parallel to the floor. Extend the leg toward the target keeping the knee in line with your heel. Re-chamber by drawing the knee back to your chest.

A few notes: 1) Remember there are three parts to every kick (chamber, extension, re-chamber). 2) Your knee and heel align to point at your target (i.e. the leg, the body, the head) before you extend the kick. 3) Don’t lean backward to gain height; flexibility will come with training and time. 4) Use a chair/bar for balance if needed.

 Weekly Soar Challenge Sheet: Due 11 Jan. Print the linked sheet and bring to class on due date.

Don’t forget to stretch at least 10 minutes everyday. 

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude – SOAR!

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