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SOAR Challenge: 100 Front Kicks

The challenge this week is 100 Front Kicks (Ahp Cha Ki). You may space out and break up the kicks any way you wish, but the challenge is to complete 100 on each leg this week. Notice where your weight is set in your… Continue Reading “SOAR Challenge: 100 Front Kicks”

Soar Challenge

As it is preparation week for the belt test this weekend, your challenge is to review all you material for the test. I am very proud of you all. You have trained very well, and I am excited to see each of you perform… Continue Reading “Soar Challenge”

Soar Challenge: 100 Knee Tucks

This week’s new challenge! To assist with your jumping kick, I want you each to complete 100 knee tucks. Begin in a fighting stance. Squat at the knees while keeping your shoulders over your hips. Explode up and draw your keens to your chest.… Continue Reading “Soar Challenge: 100 Knee Tucks”

Soar Challenge: 100 Hyungs

This week’s challenge is to complete 100 Hyungs (Forms). I want you to practice all your forms. If you know the first four forms (Sae Kye Hyung Il/E/Sam Bu and Pyang Ahn Cho Dan), then you will perform all your forms 25 times throughout… Continue Reading “Soar Challenge: 100 Hyungs”

Soar 100 challenge: The Wiggle

Our challenge this week is the “Wiggle.” To complete this week’s challenge, you will “wiggle” 100 feet in both directions. What is the Wiggle? Well,… The “Wiggle” is an ab exercise that you perform on your back with your arms and legs off the… Continue Reading “Soar 100 challenge: The Wiggle”