Soar Training

When you are in the military, there is a time in every assignment when the powers that be tell you it is time to move to a new job. It was my deepest hope that we could remain here at Fort Hood for another assignment, but in the Army’s Wisdom and by the sovereign hand of God, we are moving away to a new assignment.

Last week, I receive short notice orders to fill an unexpected vacancy at a Major Command Level. I have been order to report to Fort Shafter, Hawaii within 60 days to be the IMCOM-Pacific Chaplain Comptroller.

With a heavy heart, I am announcing our final class at Fort Hood on Monday, 12 July. I will need to close down our club and pack away my materials in preparation for this next chapter of military service.

It is my earnest intent to continue to teach at the next location, so I will continue to update this site with training routines, videos, challenges, and meditations to assist you in working out your whole being.

If you are able, please join me for our final training class on Monday, 12 July. I would love to see each of you, so that I may have the opportunity to say farewell until we meet again somewhere along the journey.

It has been my absolute pleasure and joy to serve here at Fort Hood in multiple capacities, but to serve as a karate instructor, meeting and training with so many of you, has been one of the great highlights. God’s grace and mercy be with each of you.

One Comment on “Soar Training

  1. We’re sorry to see you leave. Good luck to you and thank you for your service.

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