SOAR Training: Ho Sin sul

Training this week is Ho Sin Sul or self-defense. We will shift our focus to close-quarters defense by closing the distance for grabs, clinches, throws, and joint locks. There are many ways to escape from or evade various attacks, and we will begin reviewing some of those options. It is common for these defense techniques to end with a throw or counter joint lock, so we will also practice safety procedures and how to safely fall.

Remember to tap early and often. Tapping your partner tells him or her that the lock has been secured and there is pressure on the joint. If you wait until the lock hurts, you have waited too long. 

Class Schedule is Mondays & Wednesdays
1800-1900: ages 10 to Adult
We are now located at the 25th ID Combatives Gym

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude- SOAR!

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