Soar 100 Challenge: Squat with Sidekicks

The challenge this week is 100 Squats with Side Kicks (Yup Cha Ki). You may space-out and break-up the kicks any way you wish, but the challenge is to complete 100 squats and kicks on each leg. Perform these from a squat similar to a horse stance. When you rise, chamber and execute a side kick. Do not worry about rotating (although your base foot should still pivot properly); just kick to your side. Notice where is your weight is setting in your hips, your base foot, your knees, and in your chest. Keep your center of gravity in your abdomen. If you want a greater challenge, explode off the ground and kick while in the air, but land with both feet planting on the ground at the same time. 

REMEMBER: We will be testing at the end of March, and all testing candidates must complete at least 6 challenges in the cycle. The testis about 9 weeks away.

Soar Challenge Sheet Download

Don’t forget to stretch at least 10 minutes everyday.

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude – SOAR!

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