Meditation of the Week: Attitude 2

Serious Approach

Each of the attitude requirements are codependent with the rest. This immediately become apparent when you move from the first to the second attitude. The first attitude explains why, but the second begins to explain how. In developing the mental and physical prowess of the practitioner (attitude 1), the student needs to approach the practice with all seriousness (attitude 2). This does not mean without fun and enjoyment, but rather the attitude has the weight of understanding of the internal and external impacts (real and possible) the practice of Tang Soo Do has on the student. Not only does the student grow in confidence and agility but in responsibility and maturity as well. The Serious Approach begins to alter the way your interact with the world in and outside of training. A serious approach begins to develop a Tang Soo Do virtue. 

A virtue is an excellent trait of character. It is a disposition, well entrenched in its possessor—something that becomes part of the fiber of the individual, unlike a habit such as being a coffee-drinker. Virtue is to notice, expect, value, feel, desire, choose, act, and react in certain characteristic ways. To possess a virtue is to be a certain sort of person with a certain complex mindset.

In the practice of the Christian faith, the “serious approach” is taught in Romans 12:1-2. Because of God’s mercy offered through Jesus Christ, the believer has the responsibility to present him or herself to God as one redeemed from death owing life itself to the Redeemer. The Christian is to conform his or her character to that of God’s – to develop the virtues of God (i.e. holiness, love, justice, righteousness, wisdom, etc.) We learn what these are by reading and meditating on the descriptions and examples given to us in the Bible. This has to be an intentional practice, that becomes habit, that becomes virtue. This is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God. This is serious stuff requiring a serious approach. 

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