Soar Training: Hyungs

It’s that time again to begin a new testing cycle. We begin this week with the very important Hyung. Hyungs are as basic and as complicated as you make them. Studying the Hyungs allows us to gain deep insight into the intricacies and creative application of various techniques within Tang Soo Do. These obviously include punching and kicking, but Hyungs also include throws, joint locks and breaks, grappling, and dynamic dodges. Let’s begin to explore these together.

From the Hyungs, we also learn kinesthetic awareness (how long our arms and legs are). We learn how to move our body weight and where our center of gravity is located. The goal this week is to move as smoothly as possible (Hint: keep your knees “soft” and your head on the same horizontal plane). From the Hyungs, we also learn patience, diligence, and dedication. 

We will begin with the Saju Jirugi (four directional punch), Saju Mahk Ki (four direction block) , and Se Kye Hyung Il Bu/Ee Bu/Sam Bu. Then we will practice some line drills followed by a few partner drills. We also need to look at the looping drill. If time permits, we will practice falling and rolling.

Big News

This past weekend, Soar TSD conducted our first Belt Test in Hawaii. Mr. Joshua Braswell was our sole candidate. If you have completed a martial arts test in the past, you know how complicated it can be. Now, imagine completing that test on your own without the benefit of other students also testing around you. Mr. Braswell did just that, and he did very well. In fact, he did so well he was promoted to 8th Gup (orange belt) when he thought he would only be testing for 9th Gup (senior white belt). Well Done!

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