Soar Challenge: 100 Roundhouse Kicks

The challenge this week is 100 Roundhouse Kicks (Tollyo Cha Ki, 돌려 차기). You may space out and break up the kicks any way you wish, but complete 100 on each side this week. Notice where is your weight is set in your hips, your base foot, your knees, and in your chest. Keep your center of gravity in your abdomen. Be intentional about your hip rotation. Smooth is fast and fast is smooth.

Roundhouse Kick can be performed from the rear leg or the front leg. The initial load is similar to the Front Kick, but as the knee rises to the target, your hips and base foot rotate allowing reach and mechanical alignment. A few notes: 

  1. Remember there are three parts to every kick (chamber, extension, re-chamber). 
  2. Your knee points at your target (i.e. the leg, the body, the head) before you extend the kick. 
  3. Don’t lean backwards to gain height; flexibility will come with training and time. 
  4. Use a chair/bar for balance if needed.
Weekly Soar Challenge Sheet – Turn in on Monday

Don’t forget to stretch at least 10 minutes every day. 

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude – SOAR!

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