Soar Training: Belt Test Preparation

Schedule: Monday (20 Feb) is Presidents’ Day. We will not have class in observance of the DONSA. Go do something fun with the family. Wednesday is a normal class schedule.

Training: It is that season again. We are quickly approaching our Spring Belt Test scheduled for March 11 at 10AM. This week, we will focus entirely on sparring: rules, tactics, and strategies. By association requirement, sparring equipment includes foam head gear, gloves and booties, a mouth guard, and an athletic cup for males.

Here is an example of a sparring gear set from a vendor with a decent brand (LINK).

You must have all your stripes before the test.

Testing: On Wednesday, you will have an opportunity to complete you written exam for the belt test. This test should not take longer than 30 minutes. You may bring your short essay in with you to save time. The easy should be about a half of a page. You may hand write it or type it (double-spaced). You may also take the test on March 1 during class too. You pay for your Belt Test in the Store.

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