Soar Training: Ho Sin Sul / Self Defense

Ho Sin Sul (Self Defense) is the topic of the week. This is always a fun week of concentration. Up front, I am telling you to be careful, deliberate, and slow. You can really hurt someone while manipulating joints and performing throws. While remaining mindful of safety, ask yourself, “am I moving in a straight line or on a circular path?”

Moving in Circles or Straight Lines: Through joint manipulation, you can force your opponent to move in a straight line or a circular path. Number 5, Horse and Saddle, is an example of a straight-line movement. After pinning the wrist and securing the elbow, you drive the arm up in a straight line into the shoulder, forcing pressure into the elbow. Number 6, Belt, is a perfect example of a circular path, where you make a small circle while pinning the opponent’s arm and forcing your opponent to travel on a larger and longer circle just as fast as you are turning on a shorter and smaller circle. Know whether you are causing your opponent to move in a straight line or a circular path. Then, make those lines and paths more efficient. Practice and experiment, but be careful. 

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