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Training, Soo Ki

Our hand techniques (Soo Ki) grow out of the practice of our forms (Hyungs). Hand techniques are fast and agile, but to have the greatest effect, you need to move to the most advantageous angle of attack in relation to your opponent. As you… Continue Reading “Training, Soo Ki”

Weekly Training, Hyung

I have repeatedly emphasized the importance of your forms (hyung) in the practice of Tang Soo Do. Many of you are restricted from traveling and training in a dojang due to COVID-19, so I encourage to try a new way of practicing your hyung.… Continue Reading “Weekly Training, Hyung”

Weekly Training, Kicking

I am beginning to take a little different approach to our posting at I hope to make these a bit shorter and keep the post to a single topic. Thus today’s is training or workout. Jok Ki (Kicking Techniques) are the bread and… Continue Reading “Weekly Training, Kicking”