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Soar 100 Challenge: Ninja Speed

Here is your weekly SOAR Challenge. Remember you must complete at least 6 challenges in the testing cycle to be eligible to test for you next belt.  This week I challenge you with something a little different. For years, I have used a website… Continue Reading “Soar 100 Challenge: Ninja Speed”

Saturday Class

It is that time to have our off-cycle class tomorrow – Saturday, 29 Jan – from 0900-1100. I am half way through this semi-TDY class. Still, I am excited to spend two hours with you tomorrow morning at the normal gym. Our concentration will… Continue Reading “Saturday Class”

Soar 100 Challenge: Squat Roundhouse Kick

The challenge this week is 100 Squats with Roundhouse Kicks (Tollyo Cha Ki). You may space-out and break-up the kicks any way you wish, but the challenge is to complete 100 on each leg this week. Notice where is your weight is setting in your hips,… Continue Reading “Soar 100 Challenge: Squat Roundhouse Kick”

Temporary Schedule Change

Effective only for the Saturdays of January 22 and 29. On Monday, February 7 we will return to our normal schedule. As I announced in class this week, I will be in a distance training course for two weeks on East Coast time. The… Continue Reading “Temporary Schedule Change”

Soar Training: Jok Ki (Kicking Week)

Jok Ki (Kicking Techniques) are the bread and butter of Korean Martial Arts. In the world of karate, Tang Soo Do’s differences are most apparent in kicking – dynamic, high, and arial. I want you to concentrate on combination and consecutive kicking while “Crossing the… Continue Reading “Soar Training: Jok Ki (Kicking Week)”