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Soar Training: Jok Ki (Kicking Week)

Jok Ki (Kicking Techniques) are the bread and butter of Korean Martial Arts. In the world of karate, Tang Soo Do’s differences are most apparent in kicking – dynamic, high, and arial. I want you to concentrate on combination and consecutive kicking while “Crossing the… Continue Reading “Soar Training: Jok Ki (Kicking Week)”

Soar Training: Hands / Soo Ki

Most of us, when we think of karate or martial arts, we think of fast, responsive hands: seeing, reacting, and countering an opponents strike. In Tang Soo Do, we drill and practice these responses in a format called Il Soo Sik Soo Ki Dae Ryun or… Continue Reading “Soar Training: Hands / Soo Ki”

SOAR 100 Challenge: Squat Front Kick

6 completed challenges require to test; Next belt test is March 26, 2022 The challenge this week is 100 Squats with Front Kicks (Ahp Cha Ki). You may space out and break up the kicks any way you wish, but the challenge is to… Continue Reading “SOAR 100 Challenge: Squat Front Kick”

Meditation of the Week: Obedience to Parents

Martial Arts begins and ends with courtesy and respect. Tang Soo Do’s second code uses the term “parents.” I want you to expand the definition of “parent” to  imply father, mother, teachers, elders, and instructors. It is respect for others–esteem, honor, and appreciation for… Continue Reading “Meditation of the Week: Obedience to Parents”

Soar Training: Hyungs

From our hyungs (or forms) we learn all the basics of Tang Soo Do. We learn kinesthetic awareness (how long our arms and legs are). We learn how to move our body weight and where our center of gravity is located. The goal this… Continue Reading “Soar Training: Hyungs”