Training Foundations – Hyungs (21,23 Mar)

bigstock-two-karate-men-sensei-and-tee-64164808.jpgOur focus in training this week is Hyungs (Forms). It’s in the hyungs that Concentration  (Chung Shin Tong Il, our 2nd tenet) finds its most obvious depiction. It takes immense concentration and perseverance to develop the foundation that hyungs teach us: our balance points, our length & reach, the moving of our center of gravity. Everything we learn in Tang Soo Do is extrapolated from the hyungs.

Iain Abernathy has some insightful thoughts on the stances found in forms (katas). Although he is speaking with regard to Karate the principles are transferable to Tang Soo Do.

As an additional note: Mr. Yemelyantsev and Mrs. Gannon will be testing for their Green belts on 20 Apr.

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