WTSDA Testing Committee Update

Originally published in the 2017 Fall WTSDA & WTSDF Newsletter

Many exciting updates to our Sah Dan and Master testing processes have been implemented. I want to remind everyone that testing is a privilege and not guaranteed to everyone. The association is looking for quali ed candidates, that means simply being Ko Dan Ja Belts.jpgactive in your home studio is not enough, minimum requirements are just that, minimum. In order to be considered for Sah Dan or higher rank, a record of service to your studio, region and association is required. Regular and consistent attendance at all events, participation in events, volunteering to accept additional responsibilities is expected. Also, let’s not forget a high level of technical skill and knowledge is required. Time in rank alone is not enough for consideration. Here are the updates as approved by the Board of Directors:

1) A Sah Dan candidate who operates a studio with a minimum of 25 association registered students can earn the title of “Master” after successfully completing the second year of testing and completing all requirements including the 20,000 word thesis as well as being up to date on all monies owed to the WTSDA and all testing fees paid in full.

2) Oh Dan candidates and higher have the ability to “pass” their test after 1 year. This possibility is for the exemplary candidates. All minimum requirements as well as physical requirements and fees and monies owed to WTSDA must be current. A high level of skill and performance is expected.

3) There is now a parallel track for rank. A Sah Dan can now be promoted to Oh or Yuk Dan without the title of Master. This is for the candidate that remains dedicated, loyal and active in all studio, regional and WTSDA functions but does not have the ability to open or run their own studio.

4) Yuk Dan and Chil Dan candidates are not required to write a 20,000 world thesis. A special assignment can be assigned by the Grandmaster.

Paul Mimidis, Yuk Dan
WTSDA Testing Committee Chair


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