Almost Ready! Tang Soo!

keep-calm-were-almost-ready.jpg.pngSOAR Tang Soo Do Club is almost ready to resume operations. In the last two months, I have been able to secure the Fort Hood Garrison Chaplain’s approval to run SOAR TSD as a chapel-sponsored outreach-program and secured a training space.  This allows adults and minors to participate in the same activity at the same time. SOAR TSD has also undergone the legal review process for Fort Hood and received a glowing review. The club received such a positive opine from the reviewing JAG officer that he even wants to try out a class. Lastly, in the past month, I have acquired an assistant instructor, Mr. Blanco, who would like to transfer into the WTSDA from a similar system of training. So a lot has taken place in the last two months.

Now, we are ready to present to the Garrison Commander for the final approval and start training Tang Soo Do on Fort Hood. I hope to present the program to the Garrison Commander sometime in the first week of October. I am praying that with his approval we will be able to conduct our first class in the second week of October.

For those who are a bit unfamiliar with SOAR Tang Soo Do and what drives this club, here is a short synopsis:

SOAR Tang Soo Do, a chaplain-led program, exists as a resiliency and spiritual fitness program.  SOAR Tang Soo Do (TSD) is a sanctioned World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA) martial arts club pMooyae-Dobo-Tongi.pngroviding a worldwide recognized curriculum and certification program.  SOAR TSD is a safe and controlled alternative to risky behavior while also providing life skills coaching, mentorship, discipline, and family resiliency.

The primary audience for SOAR TSD is service members and their adolescent dependents.  The goal is to provide a physical activity that both an adult and a dependent minor(s) can jointly participate in allowing families the opportunity to bond and grow through a unique physical activity experience.  The wider audience of SOAR TSD includes all service members, dependents eleven years and older, and authorized civilians.

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