Open to Soar (Teach, Mentor, Grow)

I am proud to announce the Grand Re-Opening of Soar Tang Soo Do on 11 Oct 18! Soar TSD is now operating out of Comanche Chapel on Fort Hood, TX (Google Plus Code: 45PG+FJ) as a sponsored Chapel Outreach Program. We will host classes twice a week on Mondays and Thursday from 17:45-19:15 (5:45-7:15).

41V9Qe-V-pL.jpgAlthough we will have copies of needed waivers for each participant, here is a link to download the waiver and save time by filling it out prior to arrival. You may also like to download our Dojang (club) standards.

All classes are Free of Charge and open to ages 11 year to Adult. A parent or guardian must remain in line of site of all dependent minors – So… you may as well participate as well. 😃 The only monetary charge you will face is if 2000px-A_no_money_handshake.svg_your choose to purchase a uniform(s) and test for rank. All charges are at a no-profit cost to Soar TSD. You are only paying for elective materials and administrative filing fees. If you choose to participate in regional events (I encourage you to do so), all fees are subject to the Regional Director and the sponsoring studio.

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