Soar TSD Training 27/30 May

With the most pressing information first, we have returned to Comanche Chapel for all training. The Advisor’s Den will not be able to support our program due to brigade mission requirements for that building.

You all did great work on forms (Hyungs) last week. This week, I plan to focus Hands One-Sterps (Il Soo Sik Soo Ki). All the new orange belts will get to learn two new one steps: numbers 5 and 6.

LSlogo.jpg2019 Lone Star Showdown
Sat Aug 3, 2019 9am Doors Open
Summit Christian Academy, 2121 Cypress Creek Road, Cedar Park, TX 78613

Here is an opportunity to participate in an Open Tournament hosted by Fir Dragon Karate. I highly encourage you to consider participating. This one on the most affordable tournaments I have ever seen. For information and registration follow this link.

Attitude Requirements to Master Tang Soo Do (1–14)

1. Purpose of training should be the enhancement of mental and physical betterment.
image0012. Serious Approach.
3. All out effort.
4. Maintain regular and constant practice.
5. Practice basic techniques all the time.
6. Regularly spaced practice sessions.
7. Always listen to and follow the directions of instructors or seniors.
8. Do not be overly ambitious.
9. Frequently inspect your own achievements.
10. Always follow a routine and training schedule.
11. Repeatedly practice all techniques already learned.
12. When you learn new techniques, learn thoroughly the theory and philosophy as well.
13. When you begin to feel idle, try to overcome this.

Meditation for the Week

Self-Control – “A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. (Proverbs 25:28)

c700x420.jpgGichin Funakoshi repeatedly pointed out that the first purpose in pursuing this art is the nurturing of a sublime spirit, a spirit of humility. Even the older practitioners placed stronger emphasis on the spiritual side of the art than on the techniques. It is said that in the training of body and spirit, and above all else, one should treat his opponent courteously and with the proper etiquette. It is not enough to fight with all one’s power; the real objective in [martial arts] is to do so for the sake of justice. The quality necessary to accomplish this is self-control. Funakoshi continues: “To become a victor, one must first overcome his own self.”

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