For Thursday: 24 Oct

Hey Soar TSD Warriors,

This Thursday will be a special day. Master Bailey, from Fire Dragon Karate, will be present in class to promote me to Sam Dan, 3rd Degree Black Belt. I hope you all are able to attend and celebrate this time with me. All of your participation has made it possible for me to attain this honor. Thank you. I will provide homemade cookies for the celebration.

Additionally, we will promote another one of our students who was unable to test at the last group test. She completed here requirements this past Monday. I will also be handing off the leadership of Soar Tang Soo Do at Fort Hood to Mrs. Meshell McConnell who will lead the club until I return from deployment next summer.

You all have been such an amazing blessing to me over the last year and a half. I can’t thank you enough for how wonderful y’all have been to me.

Very Grateful,
Mr. Andrew Calvert

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