Weekly Training, Hyung

I have repeatedly emphasized the importance of your forms (hyung) in the practice of Tang Soo Do. Many of you are restricted from traveling and training in a dojang due to COVID-19, so I encourage to try a new way of practicing your hyung. Pick three sections from your top hyung. Let each section be 5 to 10 moves; they may overlap. Practice those section slow and smooth two times and then with full power on the third time. Repeat this series for each section two times total. When complete, go through your entire form at normal speed.

Sae Kye Hyung Il Bu
Sae Kye Hyung E Bu / Sam Bu
Pyung Ahn Cho Dan 
Pyung Ahn E Dan 
Pyung Ahn Sam DanBong Hyung Il Bu
Pyung Ahn Sah DanBong Hyung Il Bu
Pyung Ahn Oh DanBong Hyung Il Bu
BassaiBong Hyung Il Bu
Naihanchi Cho DanBong Hyung E Bu
Sip Soo Bong Hyung Sam Bu

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