Soar Training

For this week, as we are on a bye-week, I want each of you to practice your jumping and spinning kicks. For jumping remember there are two types: Deah (dee-ah) and E-dan (ee-dan).

Daeh kicks pump with one leg and kick with the other. For example, a Deah App Cha Gi (jump front kick) goes like this: Pump with the rear leg to gain height or distance and kick with the front leg while still in the are.

E-dan kicks are a switch kick. For example an E-dan Tollyo Cha Gi (jump roundhouse) jumps straight up in the air twisting the hips to execute a roundhouse with the rear leg in the air.

Practice all the combinations you can think of….

  • Ahp Cha Gi: Front Snap Kick
  • Yup Cha Gi: Side Hick
  • Tollyo Cha Gi: Round House Kick
  • Dwi Cha Gi: Back Kick (Mule Kick / Straight back kick)
  • Dwi Tollyo Cha Gi: Spinning Back Kick
  • Ahneso Phaku Ro Cha Gi: Inside to Outside Cresent Kick
  • Phakeso Ahnuro Cha Gi : Outside to Inside Cresent Kick
  • Yup Hu Ri Cha Gi: Front push kick
  • Moo Roop Cha Gi: Knee Kick (Knee Strike)

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