Soar Training: Soo Ki & Striping Week

Welcome to the half-way point of this testing cycle. We are concentrating on Hand techniques this week as well as allowing for the opportunity to earn your necessary stripes for testing.

We will obviously work through our Hands One-steps (Il Soo Sik Soo Ki), bu in all your hand techniques this week, I want to see two things specifically: 1) solid, proper, stable stances and 2) full, intentional loads. For my more senior students, I want emphasize double (think #-1-4) and simultaneous (think #5 & 7) hand techniques. Let’s concentrate on Chong Dan Soo Do Mahk Ki and Ssang Soo Mahk Ki.

Striping Week

Striping for test preparation begins this week too. Everyone must earn their stripes in order to test on Tuesday, June 8. If you are prepared to earn your appropriate stipe, make it know to me.

Remember, Weapons are for Senior Green belt and above, and Soar 100 requires 6 completed Soar 100 challenges.

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