Soar Challenge

Although we do not have class this week, I still challenge you to complete this week’s SOAR Challenge. Remember you must complete at least 6 challenges in the testing cycle to be eligible to test for you next belt.

This week I challenge you with something a little different. For years, I have used a website called to provide me with variety and creativity in my workouts. You challenge this week is to complete at least 7 sets of “FIGHT BACK“.

If you are able to compete 7 set in one go, GREAT! If not, spray it through out the week. If you can do more, do so. Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude! SOAR!

Final Instructions: The side kicks are Lead-Leg, but the knee kicks are Rear-Leg. the first reps are on the right leg, and the second reps are on the left leg. Have Fun.

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