Schedule Change

Beginning June 21, our training schedule will alter slightly. Much to my great joy and the commitment of the students in Soar Tang Soo Do, we have grown in rank. This is a joyous thing and worthy of celebrating. However, it offers a challenge as well. With most of the class being comprised of beginners, it is difficult to teach to the breadth of rank we now have in Soar Tang Soo Do. Other schools are able to arrange their weekly schedules to accommodate a variety of belt ranks. Here, I am limited to two nights a week, so I have to make decision about our schedule within that limitation.

Beginning 21 June, our training schedule will change. We will be adding an Advanced Class and reducing the Little Dragons class to once a week. I will update the rest of the website this week. I wish I could offer more time, but this is all I have to work with. The new schedule is:


Little Dragons: 1730-1800 (Ages 5–10)
Warriors: 1800-1900 (Ages 10–Adult)


Advanced Class: 1730-1800 (Green Belt and Up)
Warriors: 1800-1900 (Ages 10–Adult)

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude – SOAR!

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