Soar Training: Hyung

As a traditional martial art, Tang Soo Do is a forms (hyung) based art. This is the same with many traditional Japanese, Okinawan, and Chinese arts. Tang Soo Do, which is Korean in style and culture, draws heavily from Japan, Okinawa, and China as well as precursor arts from Korea. Some of our forms go back centuries while other are more recently created. Forms (hyung) teach us balance, body awareness, focus, and provide a multi-planer (straight, twisting, and angular movement) cardio workout. This week, we are learning and practicing forms. 

Bring you bo-staffs and your focus. 

I have a limited few bo-staffs you may borrow in class. You do not need anything fancy. A staff is just a long stick about your height. Here is a suggested resource for less than $10.

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