Temporary Schedule Change

Effective only for the Saturdays of January 22 and 29. On Monday, February 7 we will return to our normal schedule.

As I announced in class this week, I will be in a distance training course for two weeks on East Coast time. The class runs from 3:00 AM to Noon for me. To continue preparing for the upcoming belt test, I will offer a two-hour training session on Saturday January 22 and 29 to make up for the two-week interruption. This Saturday we will focus on Ho Sin Sul, and next Saturday we will spend our time on Hyungs and Sparring.

My distance learning class finishes on February 4, so our schedule will return to normal on February 7. Lastly, beginning February 7 you may begin seeking your stripes for this testing cycle. If you have any questions or concern, do not hesitate to contact me.

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