Soar Training: Soo Ki (Hands)

We are back to our normal schedule this week. Thank you so much for your patience over the last couple of weeks.

We are working on hands techniques (Soo Ki) and Hands One-Steps (Il Soo Sik Soo Ki) this week. The basic hand strikes you should know at this point are Punch (Kong Kyuk), Chop (Soo Do Kong Kyuk), and Back Fist (Kap Kwon). You should also know the following blocks: Low Block, High Block, Outside-Inside Block, and Inside-Outside Block.

Loading, Alignment, and Body Weight.

Especially in drills, focus on loading all your strikes and blocks fully. Your blocking loads should generally begin the load on the opposite side of your body from the finish point of the block. Your finish point ought to align with the center-line of your body. As it applies to your weight, all hand techniques begin in your legs and transition through your hips to shoulders and then the hand. Concentrate on the shifting of your weight and torque; this weight shifting will increase in speed with time and practice.

Basic to Creative

Begin with the basic form of the hand technique. Know the technique from the most efficient stance possible then you can be creative in its dynamic application.

Looping Drill

We will also need to work on the looping drill: Jab, Cross, Front Kick

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