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Soar Training–Hyung Week.

This will be our first class in this location. Some may call this a Grand Opening! …They would be correct. We are operating out of the 25th ID Combatives Gym on Schofield Barracks, HI (GOOGLE MAP). Soar Tang Soo Do is a sponsored Army Chapel Program for… Continue Reading “Soar Training–Hyung Week.”

We are Open to SOAR!

Soar Tang Soo Do – Korean Karate. We are open for registration now. First class begins Monday, Nov 1 at 1800. Classes will be hosted at the 25th ID Combatives Gym.

Soar Training

When you are in the military, there is a time in every assignment when the powers that be tell you it is time to move to a new job. It was my deepest hope that we could remain here at Fort Hood for another… Continue Reading “Soar Training”

Meditation: Attitude 4

The fourth attitude requirement of Tang Soo Do is to “maintain regular and constant practice.” The Founder of Tang Soo Do (formally Soo Back Do/Mu Duk Kwan), Hwang Kee, said “Where there is preparation, there is no fear.” Kee is speaking about consistency. Preparation… Continue Reading “Meditation: Attitude 4”

Soar Training: Soo Ki

It’s time to begin another week. With this week, I want you to focus on your hand techniques – especially your loads and your pulling hand. When you load you strikes or blocks, be sure you are fully loading everything. Don’t take short cuts… Continue Reading “Soar Training: Soo Ki”