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Soar Training: Soo Ki

Soar Training: Most of us, when we think of karate or martial arts, we think of fast, responsive hands: seeing, reacting, and countering an opponents strike. We are working One-Steps with Hand Techniques.

Soar Training: Hyungs

This Week: Hyungs. Hyungs are the textbooks of Tang Soo Do.


Rise Up! Accept the challenge. Do the extra work. I have called you out. SOAR CHALLENGE: 100 Sick Kicks. Down forget to download you Soar Challenge Sheet (See full post).

SOAR TSD Reopens on August 31

Soar TSD reopens for training on Mondays and Tuesdays beginning August 31, 2020.
Little Dragons: 1730–1800 (Ages 5–10)
Warriors: 1800–1900 (Ages 10–Adult)
Training is conducted at the Spirit of Fort Hood Chapel Gym

Hyung Training

This week, work on your Hyungs. Spend some time drilling them, then think through the applications of various parts of the hyung. Attempt the above flow drill for Pyunag Ahn Sah Dan, or try one of your own. If you come up wit one you are particularly proud of, share it in the comments below. The Hyung is the text book of the art. Get to studying!