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Soar Training: Hyung

As a traditional martial art, Tang Soo Do is a forms (hyung) based art. This is the same with many traditional Japanese, Okinawan, and Chinese arts. Tang Soo Do, which is Korean in style and culture, draws heavily from Japan, Okinawa, and China as… Continue Reading “Soar Training: Hyung”

Class this Week: 28-29 Apr

As a reminder, our schedule is different this week only. We will have class tonight and tomorrow: Wednesday and Thursday. Next week: back to normal schedule on Monday and Tuesday.

Soar Training: Schedule Change this Week Only

Soar Training: Altered schedule for this week only. Training ho sin sul, rolling/falling, and sparring.

Soar Training: Soo Ki (19 Apr)

SOAR TRAINING: SOO KI (19 APR). Practice your strikes from your Hyungs (forms), then from your One-Steps, and finally those your like.

SOAR Training: Kicking/Jok Ki

Soar Training: Kicking week, up coming belt test, and striping week are included inside. I look forward to training with you all this week.