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Soar Training: Hyungs Week

Our focus this week will be on Hyungs (forms). We one third into the testing cycle for the Summer Belt Test. Some of you will be learning new forms while others will be refining the forms they know.  Key concepts to remain aware of… Continue Reading “Soar Training: Hyungs Week”

Soar Training: Ho Sin Sul

Ho Sin Sul is Korean for self-defense. This week we will shift our focus to close-quarters defense from grabs and clinches. There are many ways to escape from various attacks, and we will begin reviewing some of those options. It is common for these defense… Continue Reading “Soar Training: Ho Sin Sul”

Soar Training: Kicking/Jok Ki

Jok Ki (Kicking Techniques) are the bread and butter of Korean Martial Arts. In the world of karate, Tang Soo Do’s differences are most apparent in kicking – dynamic, high, and arial. A flying side klick is on our association flag and seal! This… Continue Reading “Soar Training: Kicking/Jok Ki”

Soar Training: Soo Ki (수 기)

This week, we focus on hand techniques with an emphasis on loads and the pulling hand. When you load your strikes or blocks, be sure you are fully loading everything. Don’t take short cuts in training. It will get faster with proper practice. For… Continue Reading “Soar Training: Soo Ki (수 기)”

Soar Training: Hyungs

It’s that time again to begin a new testing cycle. We begin this week with the very important Hyung. Hyungs are as basic and as complicated as you make them. Studying the Hyungs allows us to gain deep insight into the intricacies and creative… Continue Reading “Soar Training: Hyungs”