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No Class 29-30 March

Hey, folks! Although I have survived the COVID infection, my energy level is near empty. I have not recovered sufficiently to be able to lead class this week. Therefore, we will not have class this week. Next week should be fine again.

Classes are Suspended for at least one week (22-23 March)

On Sunday night, I had to go to the ER because I felt so bad. The doctor found that I tested positive for COVID-19. I strongly encourage everyone I interacted with this past week, to be evaluated. I honestly thought I had another sinus… Continue Reading “Classes are Suspended for at least one week (22-23 March)”

Soar Training: Soo Ki

Soar Training: Soo Ki – Hand Techniques Week. Time to get up close and personal.

No Class this week.

Mr. Calvert is out of town for a family funeral. Your SOAR Challenge and what you need to practice will be posted later today or tomorrow morning.

Soar Training: Jok Ki

SOAR TRAINING: JOK KI – The bread and butter of our martial art.