Soar TSD Training for 18 & 20 April

IMG_1045.JPGHey Soar TSD people! I have returned form Poland, and we have a lot of work to do. Let’s get back into the rhythm of working out and practicing our martial arts skills. I hope you have been taking advantage of the great opportunity of training with Mr. Hovan in Aikido. This week, however, we will not just focus on one topic, but I intend to do a comprehensive review of everything you should know for testing purposes. I want to take the next two weeks and apply our time to this review of all testable material. Presently, I see three people who are ready to test: Mr. Devin Gannon (for Blue Belt), Mrs. Stephanie Gannon (for Green Belt), and Mr. Kirill Yemelyantsev (for Green Belt). Testing Fees will be $25 for each person. Written test will be administered on 2 May, and the physical test on 4 May.

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